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       YCT系列电动机由三相( 或单相)异步电动机与电磁转差高合器和测速发电机所组成,通过JD型或ZTK型控制器↓调节转差高合器的励磁电流.实现输出转速的无级调节。产品性能和安装尺寸符合JB/T 7123规定,与国际标准EC接轨。产品广泛应用于纺织印染像胶、塑料、制糖,建筑,鼓风机等行业。

YCT series electromagnetic governor motor consists of three phase (or single phase) asynchronous motor, electromagnetic slip chutch and speed in-dicating generator ThroughJD or ZTK types of controller. it can adjust the exciting current of slip dutch and realize stepless regulation of output speed.The product performance and mounting dimension are in conformity with JB/T 7123 rule and IEC international standard It is widely used in the ind-usties of textile, printing and dyeing. rubber, pl astic, sugaring. construction, air blower and so on.

基本参数TECHNICAL DATA 控制器额定电压: 220V

机座中心高: 112 ~ 355mm

功率范围: 0.55 o 90kW

额定电压C三相380V ;单相220V

励磁线圈: s90V (直流)

额定频率: 50Hz (或60Hz需另订协议)


|绝绿等级: B级

工作制: S1

Rated woltage of controller: 220V

Centre height of frame size: 112-355mm

Power range; 0.55-90kw

Rated voltage: three phase 380V; single phase 220V The exciting coil: <=90V (DO

Rated frequency; 50HZ (or 60HZ should order)Protection class: IP21

Insulation class:B

Duty typet S1